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Our Story

We thought that to kick things off here in our blog it might be nice to tell you all a little bit about how we ended up living in a bus and traveling the world.

We met in the summer of 2017 online (Tinder, of all places!) and we hit it off instantly. But there was one little snag coming up... Candice was traveling a lot for work at the time and had a trip lined up that would be five weeks long. This led to our 3rd (maybe 4th) date being a 5-day trip to Hawaii together!

By the end of the trip, we both knew we'd found something really special here. We love traveling together and we had no shortage of trips in our first year together. We spent New Year’s Eve that year partying hard in Las Vegas for our friends’ wedding. I caught the bouquet and Phil caught the garter belt.

We moved in together shortly after this and began planning our next adventure. In August of 2018, we went to Miami for 5 days over a Canadian long weekend. We fell in love with the Art Deco styles of the city, spent our days hanging out at hotel pools and walking on the beach. Phil proposed to me over an amazing dinner at an Italian restaurant.

We decided to get a puppy just two months later. He was supposed to be a Beagle, but 60 pounds later... He may not be a beagle but he's still pretty cute.

After this things get pretty boring. We worked, winter happened but we felt like something was sort of missing. We were craving that adventure and escaping the brutal winter.

In August of 2019, we had our perfect fairy tale wedding. It was hosted at a beautiful cottage in Sudbury and the reception was at a hall with an open bar. Our families and friends traveled from all over the world to see us and everyone had a blast. It was everything we could have dreamed for.

We took an amazing honeymoon in Honduras for ten days right after this. We had begun talking about buying a bus and traveling in it before the wedding but we put the idea on hold so we could focus on planning the wedding. While we were in Honduras we picked these conversations back up. Long story short, we bought a bus the weekend after we got back from Honduras.

Keep following our posts as we dive into the renovation process, our travels and challenges on the road and so much more!

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