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Our Blog

Hi there and welcome to our Blog.  We post here with content about our skoolie conversion.  We hope you like the content and follow us on our social media!


Tiny Home Tours - Bus Tour

While we were traveling through Florida we were lucky enough to have a bus tour video filmed by Tiny Home Tours!

Coming Home - How Covid impacted our trip

I've been hesitant to write about this for many reasons. Primarily because our blog, up to now, has been more focused on the design of...

Our tiny, functional Skoolie bathroom

The one thing that people have the most questions about when it comes to bus or van life, is your bathroom situation. Once they get over th

Skoolie Bedroom: Maximizing your space!

Before moving into a skoolie, I will admit - I was obsessed with the bedroom spaces. I would idolize the builds that had the cutest...

Max Leisure meets Citizen of the World

I couldn't be more excited to write this blog post. We got featured on a podcast!!! I was really hoping that this was something that I...

Our Story

We thought that to kick things off here in our blog it might be nice to tell you all a little bit about how we ended up living in a bus...

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